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Welcome to the Beaumont Farmington Hills Emergency Medicine! Thank you for your interest in our program and we look forward to having you in the department! Below you will find helpful information about applying to our program and spending time in our department. If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our Student Experience Chief Resident Dr. Pradeep Johns or our program coordinator Brittnay Breyer.


We utilize an internal Beaumont website for rotation applications. Please follow this link to access this application.

Rotation blocks are available as either two or four week blocks and are as follows:

  • July 1 – 31

  • August 1 – 31

  • September 1 – October 2

  • October 3 – October 31

  • November 1 – 30

  • December 1 – January 2​

If you have any questions please reach out to Laura Steffen our Medical Student Coordinator. 


We accept residency applications through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Completed applications and subsequent interviews will be offered on a rolling basis. We typically have four interview dates, two in November and two in December.


We recognize that everyone interested in our program may not be able to obtain rotation. For that reason we highly encourage you to reach out to Dr. Matthew Warpinski (Assistant Program Director) and Dr. Laurie Wallace (Clerkship Director) to schedule a shadow shift so you can get a feel for the culture and get to know some of the wonderful people at our program!


  • Obtain concise and focused histories and physical examinations.

  • Assess and stabilize critically ill patients.

  • Utilize ancillary testing and services efficiently.

  • Develop procedural skills including: IV catheter placement, foley catheter placement, wound closure, I&Ds, ABG’s, US, as well as more advanced procedures at the discretion of senior residents and attendings

  • Determine the appropriate patient disposition.

  • Document the patient encounter.

  • Learn the Emergency Department patient flow patterns.

  • Present during didactics on interesting case or EM related topic


Dr. Laurie Wallace is the Student Clerkship Director and works with the Dr. Pradeep Johns, Student Experience Chief, to provide an enlightening and enjoyable rotation experience. They will be creating your schedule, and doing most of the communication with you. If you are hoping to receive a SLOE at the end of your rotation, please reach out to Dr. Wallace.

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